Universal Stainless Steel Replacement Doors


  • Stainless Steel Outside 26 Ga.
  • Galvanized steel inside 26 Ga.
  • Foamed in place insulation.
  • Handle, hasp, & mounting screws.
  • Reinforced in handle, hinge, and stop chain areas.
  • Replaceable magnetic gasket. (not a snap-in)
  • Latch and pop rivets for mounting on ice merchandiser.
  • Handle designed so lock won't rest on ice merchandiser.
Stainless Steel
Slant Solid Door
Stainless Steel
Upright Solid Door

Door Parts
Hinge and Cover For Slant Door
Spring Chainstop
w/plastic cover

Hinge and Cover For Upright Door

Spring Assembly

Spring Cartridge

Solid Door Handle With Pop Rivets

Hasp With Pop Rivets

Painted Rain Shield

Drop-in Unit

(for Model U125GSAD and Model U170GSAD)

Compressor: 3/4 HP, 115 V R-404a compressing unit, triple fan evaporator

Break down compressor cover
a The compressor cover is made of 24 gauge painted galvanized steel and is strong enough to hold the weight of a 200 lb person.
It is shipped in four pieces and we can fit six complete compressor covers in one box. The cover can be assembled in just a few minutes using only a rubber mallet. This will not only save you money on shipping but space in your inventory.
?Dimensions: 13 1/2” H x 32” W x 18” D

Mechanical Parts
6 or 4 hour timer for AD

Thermostat With Cover for AD And CW

Condenser Fan Motor (9 Watts)

Evaporator Fan Motor

Evaporator Fan Blade

Evaporator Fan Guard

Condensation Complete Kit

Reversible Condenser Fan Motor

How it works:

The motor reverses itself every 4 hours for 21 minutes without shutting down the compressor. While the motor is in reverse, any dust that has accumulated during this 4 hour period will be cleared out. This will keep the condenser clean while saving you the time consuming trips to your customer's store just to clean out a dirty condenser.

"In 1995 we installed Thermal's reversible condenser fan motor on all ice merchandisers located in high traffic areas. These merchandisers required repeated trips to the customers location to clean out the condensor. Since installing the reversible condensor fan motor, we have not had to return for unscheduled maintenance."

Mike Croft
Hyland Ice Supply
Wilberforce, Ontario

"I use Thermal's reversible fan motor on all my indoor merchandisers, outdoor merchandisers in trouble spots, and on other condensing units on refrigeration equipment. I tested the head pressure and found that it remains the same even in reverse and is certainly much better than the head pressure on a dirty condenser. By keeping the conderser clean, the reversible condensor fan motor saves me money on service calls and literally pays for itself. I especially appreciate it on those hot weekends in the middle of July."

Jim Krier
Krier Refrigeration
Belgium, WI

"I had an indoor stop that required me to blow out the condenser every six months. Since installing Thermal's reversible condenser fan motor 3 years ago, I have never been called back. I now use the reversible condenser fan motor on all my indoor merchandisers and save money with few unsheduled service calls."

Bob Conjelko
Conjelko's Ice Service
Windber, PA

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